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A trip to enjoy the powder snow that the Taisetsu area is famous for

Activities :

Lodging: 3 nights 4 days
Minimum number of people to sign up: 2 persons
Maximum number of spots available: 6 people
Period: Late December to Late March

Difficulty :
Price :

¥150,000(tax included)〜

For more information on this product, please contact the Taisetsu Kamuimintara DMO.


Trip highlights

・A full range of powder snow areas that can be reached within an hour from the city center
・Kamui Ski Rinks, one of the largest ski resorts in northern Hokkaido
・Backcountry skiing at Mt.Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido

You will be able to fully enjoy the best “powder snow” brought by the Daisetsuzan. This tour is designed to give you a taste of how the people who live and love the snow in this region enjoy skiing.


Day 1【Pippu】Ski & Lunch at Pippu Ski Resort
・Meet at JR Asahikawa Station or Asahikawa Airport
・Pippu Ski Resort(with lunch of nijimasu rice bowl)
・One day trip to hot spring at Yuyu Pippu
Day 2【Asahikawa】Skiing & Lunch at Kamui Ski Rinks
・Kamui Ski Links, the largest ski resort in northern Hokkaido, with 25 courses
Day 3【Higashikawa】Backcountry skiing at Mt.Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido
・Backcountry skiing at Mt.Asahidake
Day 4【Higashikawa】Canmore Ski Village for local people
・Canmore Ski Village
・At Asahikawa Airport or JR Asahikawa Station Dismissal


JR Asahikawa Station

Pippu Ski Resort

Kamui Ski Links

Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway

Canmore Ski Village


・Lift tickets for each ski resort (Pippu 1-day ticket, Kamui 1-day ticket, Canmore ski resort time ticket)
・Asahidake ropeway round trip ticket or 1 day ticket
・Asahikawa 2 nights, Asahidake Onsen 1 night
・Transportation during your stay
・Guide and interpreter
・3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners


・SNOW BUM’s favorite bar tour (OMO7 Asahikawa by Hoshino Resort)
・Santa Present Park nighter
・Powder Belt Pass (Kamui, Furano, Tomamu)


OMO7 Asahikawa (Omo) by Hoshino Resort

OMO7 Asahikawa (Omo) by Hoshino Resort

Asahikawa is a hub city with easy access to Furano and Biei. From the Asahiyama Zoo with its many attractions to the seasonal delicacies of local gourmet restaurants, you will be captivated by the city's unique character every time you visit. This is a "Machinaka" hotel for city sightseeing, where you can enjoy Hokkaido's climate and the old and new culture of the region to the fullest.
9-right 1, 6jo-dori, Asahikawa-city, Hokkaido, 070-0036 Japan
Asahidake Onsen Hotel Bearmonte

Asahidake Onsen Hotel Bearmonte

Asahidake, Hokkaido's highest peak, rises in Japan's largest national park. Hotel Bearmonte is located 1,100 meters above sea level, nestled in the bosom of the mountain. Asahidake ropeway is only a 3-minute walk away. The hotel offers hot spring water from the mountains, and seasonal local delicacies. The guest rooms, which will be completely renovated in 2022, are spacious with over 52m² for twin rooms. The rooms, which will be completely renovated in 2022, are spacious with over 52m² of twin beds, and offer a rich and special mountain experience.
Asahidake Onsen, Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 071-1472