Asahikawa CityTakasu Town

Cycling trips through the region

Activities :
CampingCyclingHarvest Experience

Lodging: 0 nights, 1 days
Minimum number of people to sign up: 2 persons
Maximum number of spots available: 6 persons
Period: July & August

Difficulty :
Price :

60,000(tax included)〜

For more information on this product, please contact the Taisetsu Kamuimintara DMO.


Trip highlights

・Harvesting vegetables grown in the Taisetsu area
・Connecting with local people
・Packing vegetables in rice bag bags produced by myself

Participants will create bags made from reused rice bags and fill them with locally produced foodstuffs while cycling around the area. Participants will experience the area’s food culture while enjoying the Daisetsuzan nature spread out before them.


Day 1
・ Meet at JR Asahikawa Station.
・Purchased rice for camping at Kamimori Rice Shop and made rice bag bags
・Cycling from Asahikawa City to Takasu Town by electric e-bike
・Harvest experience (vegetables) at Harazaki-Farm
・Purchase venison at Sankei
・Day Camp BBQ at Palette Hills
・Drive back to JR Asahikawa Station and disband


JR Asahikawa Station

limited company Kamimori Rice Shop


Restaurant Sankei

Takasu Town Palette Hills Campsite


・Harvesting experience fee, food fee
・Bicycle rental
・Guide and interpreter
・0 breakfast, 1 lunch, 0 dinner


・Overnight camping is also possible